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Direct Patient Care

Comprehensive, personalized medical care without the need for insurance. We want to ensure that all of our patients will get the quality care they deserve. The Direct Primary Care Plan will provide our patients with an option to receive individualized attention from their care provider at a low price without insurance.

Individual Plans

Become part of a medical cost-sharing community and continue to receive premium care from compassionate healthcare providers at a low cost.

Small Business Plans

As a small business owner, provide your dedicated employees with an affordable healthcare plan and see dramatic decreases in overall coverage costs.

Family Plans

Keep your family covered with affordable healthcare coverage to ensure you and your family gets quality care at a low cost even without insurance.

We Are Here for You

By joining a DPC plan, receive individualized attention from your care provider as well as 24/7 access to your provider via email, phone, text, or video chat.

Understand the Language of Your Body

Our bodies are unique and comprises of intricate internal systems that work together to maintain our health. It has the extraordinary ability to heal numerous ailments with time and proper care. Here at New Wave, we make it our priority to ensure that all health concerns are thoroughly investigated. We focus on identifying the root cause of illnesses, while also taking great care to ensure that our patients have a complete understanding of their ailments as we focus on solving the problem together.

We are driven by values

At New Wave, we’ve made it our duty to ensure that all of our patients get the quality care they deserve with or without insurance. The New Wave Direct Primary Care Plan provides our uninsured patients with an option to receive comprehensive, personalized medical care with their provider at a low price. Here, your health is our priority.

Let’s work together to make sure you stay happy and healthy