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Commercial vehicle drivers need a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical to make sure they’re fit enough to drive their vehicle. DOT physicals are valid for up to 24 months. New Wave Physicians Group in Spring, Texas, provides DOT physicals. If you need a physical for a new job or need to renew your DOT medical certificate, call the office or schedule your DOT physical online today.

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Q. What are DOT physicals?

Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals are health exams that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) requires for all commercial motor vehicle drivers.

The purpose of the DOT physical is to make sure drivers are physically and mentally healthy so they can safely operate their vehicles.

Only providers certified by the FMCSA can perform DOT physicals. New Wave Physicians Group features certified providers.

Q. Who needs DOT physicals?

All drivers who operate a commercial motor vehicle need a DOT physical. That includes drivers who:

  • Operate large vehicles across state lines
  • Operate a vehicle that carries 15 or more people
  • Get paid to drive a vehicle that carries eight or more people
  • Drive vehicles that carry hazardous material
These drivers need DOT physicals because FMCSA says operating these types of vehicles is safety-sensitive and a potential risk to public health. Making sure drivers are fit to operate these vehicles improves public safety.

Q. What do I bring to a DOT physical?

New Wave Physicians Group provides you with a list of items you need to bring to your DOT physical when you schedule your appointment. You should bring a valid government-issued identification and a list of all your health providers and medications.

New Wave Physicians Group also requests you complete the required DOT medical examination report before your exam, including the medical history portion.

If you have a history of diabetes, you should bring in a copy of your most recent hemoglobin A1C test.

The practice may also request patients with a heart condition bring in a letter from their cardiologist outlining details of their diagnosis and whether it affects their ability to operate a vehicle.

Q. What happens during DOT physicals?

The DOT physical is a comprehensive exam but not a replacement for your annual physical. During the physical, your provider at New Wave Physicians Group checks your:

  • Blood pressure and heart rate
  • Lungs and chest
  • Abdomen, back, and spine
  • General appearance
  • Joint health and flexibility
  • Reflexes
  • Vision and hearing
Your provider also evaluates your nervous system and checks for hernias. They also perform a urinalysis to screen for health problems such as diabetes.

After the physical, your provider issues your DOT medical exam certificate.

If they find problems during the physical, your provider makes recommendations and suggests rescheduling your exam after you address the issue (such as getting new prescription eyeglasses).

Schedule your DOT physical by calling New Wave Physicians Group or booking an appointment online today.

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